Friday, December 16, 2011

Doctorshopper's "Pax Pharma" will probably kill you.

Doctorshopper are a noise/punk/black metal band from LA, who would like nothing more than to watch your ears bleed. Sharing 3 members with Lake of Blood, Doctorshopper were recently featured in Cvlt Nation's Top 6 Demo's of 2011 list, and for good reason. The band's 2011 demo, Pax Pharma, is a colossal slab of mind-fucking noise. I grabbed this demo about a month ago but totally forgot about it until I read the Cvlt Nation list. I should not have waited so long.

Doctorshopper combine the noise stylings of bands like Wolf Eyes and Prurient with the raw vocals of black metal, and top it all off with a healthy dose of punk attitude. Pax Pharma is trippy as fuck on it's own but I suggest you turn out the lights and grab some good headphones just to be safe. Doctorshopper are giving this demo away free of charge. You have no excuse.


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