Monday, December 19, 2011

Mare Infinitum - Sea of Infinity

If it isn't clear by now, while Chris' metal tastes lean more towards black metal, mine are more geared towards funeral doom. And while I fully admit that Mare Infinitum plays some cheese ball funeral doom ripe with over-the-top synth, melodramatic harmonies, and border line power metal-esque clean vocals at times -- that's also kind of the reason I like them. It's melodramatic, but I always felt metal was meant to be melodramatic and theatrical. It's the genre's principle characteristic, and Mare Infinitum ain't scared to embrace that.

On top of that, Sea of Infinity (released today on Russian label Solitude Productions btw) has a lot of other stuff going for it. A variety of instruments are used throughout the album, the vocals are brutally gruff, and there is some great lead guitar work. Even the instrumental track, November Euphoria, is a great song (although it does seem to end a bit abruptly)

Definitely worth checking out if you are a fan of Colosseum, Arcana Colestia, or Auaesuve.

Mare Infinitum - In Abscence We Dwell


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