Sunday, July 31, 2016

Know Your Patches: Nagelfar - Virus West

This edition of Know Your Patches highlights one of the most criminally underrated black metal albums of all time, Nagelfar's Virus West. Nagelfar was founded in Germany in 1993 by Zorn. After a few years of unstable lineup changes, splits and demos, the band finally released their first full length, H√ľnengrab im Herbst, in 1997. The main songwriting talent here lies in the combination of Zorn and Alexander von Meilenwald (the sole member of The Ruins of Beverast). Nagelfar's final album, 2001's Virus West, is damn near perfect. This is a testament to black metal in every way; grinding, intricate, varied, and beautiful. If you don't know this album, stop what you're doing and listen. Virus West is a true classic and sets the bar so high, few have reached it since.

Hails y'all

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