Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Doctorshopper - Degenerate Utopia

I know I posted about Doctorshopper's 2011 demo a few weeks ago, but they just dropped a new album and are giving that shit away for free so you can either cry about repeat posts or you can shut up and grab some quality noise for the low low cost of $free.99.

If you don't know shit about Doctorshopper you should probably use those nimble fingers of yours to scroll back a few pages and read my impression of their 2011 demo Pax Pharma. Get it done? Good. Now all the shit I'm about to reference will make total sense. If you recall, I am a big fan of what Doctorshopper did on Pax Pharma; their brand of punishing blackened noise was a welcome change from all of the doom/trad black metal I listened to last year. This is why I was a little shocked by the band's recent full-length Degenerate Utopia. 

 Degenerate Utopia shows a huge progression in Doctorshopper's sound. While their demo showed a lot of potential, the new album delivers the goods. This thing is a blackened slab of crusty doom that I am quickly falling in love with. Seriously, Degenerate Utopia is fucking killer. I think Matt might even like it, and we all know that he hates just about everything. Do yourself a favor and grab a copy of this beast (for freesies), even if you hated Doctorshopper's demo, you might be surprised.

1 comment:

  1. nah, i still hate it. :)

    i would like it a lot more if the vocals weren't so over bearing. should have buried them in the mix a bit.