Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hah! Disma Vocalist a Closet Nazi

lololol! I never understood what all the fuss was over Disma, the death metal super group that took 2011 by storm: appearing on a bunch of people's top10 lists, streaming on NPR, getting all sorts of nods outside of the metal world. The world was their oyster, and I didn't get it.

But now at least I can laugh at all you people that held this mediocre band in such high regard. It has come to light that their lead vocalist was (is?) a closet neo nazi, once releasing this gem of an album under the name Sturmfuhrer. Even better is this interview that has been circulating on the interwebs that the now Disma vocalist gave. Its full of great quotes such as, "I think Germany was defending itself from the plague of world usury/Jewry and was unfortunately beaten with the help of world Jewry, between Amerika, CCCP and Britain "OUR" kind was seduced into believing Hitler was a mad man.".

On top of it, even after getting Disma booted from the Chaos is Tejas fest because of his questionable past, he is remaining silent on the issue instead of publicly disavowing his past racist babbling--leaving many to wonder how much, if anything, has changed in his politics.



  1. the plot thickens!


    apparently disma vocalist reissued that record in 2010, signing copies of the swastika laden album! it keeps getting better and better!

  2. Fuck. This really turns me off to Disma. Why couldn't Craig Pillard just keep his stupid fucking nazi wet dreams to himself.

    In other news, I'm totally going to Chaos in Tejas. The lineup is sick.

  3. Craig speaks the truth. It is you weak faggots that parrot words the jew trained your stupid goyim ass to utter